Shipped Games

Over the course of four years I have led, developed, and shipped 4 video games professionally, all available on mobile platforms, and 2 available additionally on PC.  These games were developed under the umbrella of Synersteel Studio Llc., a video game development company of which I am co-founder and Chief Creative Officer.

MC Lars 2: Brotherhood (2017)

Collaboration with five brand-recognized independent musicians, developed as a rhythm-based side-scrolling action platformer.  I developed colorful and dynamic environment assets, designed all game mechanics, developed art for and built all sixteen levels, as well as a dozen asset sprite sheets and all UI images.

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MC Lars: THE VIDEO GAME (2016)

Collaboration with independent musician MC Lars, developed as a rhythm-based side-scrolling action platformer.  The predecessor to MC Lars 2: Brotherhood, I was responsible for all game mechanics, designed and developed all 12 levels, all asset and environment sprite sheets, as well as UI images.

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The Barn (2015)

Based on the movie of the same name by Nevermore Production Films, I led development on this side-scrolling action beat'em-up.  I created all sprite sheets for 6 unique characters and 4 asset-rich levels, and I designed and built all of the levels.

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Dojo Storm (2015)

Dojo Storm was a partnership with Artechoke Media that takes the player through an expansive world based on real-life Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I created over 50 detailed character portraits, dozens of environment sprite sheets, and adjusted 40 hours' worth of map triggers.

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