Lead art / Lead Design

MC Lars 2: Brotherhood (2017)

A collaboration with independent musicians MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, Mega Ran, and YTCracker, this is an auto-scrolling rhythm-based platformer that is played to the beat of sixteen full-length songs from the clients' discographies.  I further refined all of the mechanics and level design from the original MC Lars: The Video Game project as well as improved all of the static and animated visual art, and deepened the level design across the board.  The game feel was more focused in this effort, and a lot of the fat and inefficiency of the first game was cut away.  Difficulty levels and curves were further improved and refined with the addition of a "heart system," which allows the player to take 3 hits from barriers or enemies before dying, rather than a single hit per level in the original game, and the hearts are able to be replenished as well.

MC lars: The Video Game (2016)

A collaboration with independent musician MC Lars, this game is an auto-scrolling rhythm-based platformer that is played to the beat of twelve full-length songs from Lars' discography.  I helped design and develop the game's side-scrolling and rhythm-based mechanics (jump and attack), all of the static and animated visual art, and all thirteen levels.  I was able to achieve the game feel that I aimed for, which was a combination of challenge, reward, and excitement from the patterns in the music.  A lot of love and work went into this one, as I listened to all twelve of Lars' songs about five hundred times while building out and QA-testing the levels.

The Barn (2015)

Based on the movie of the same name by Nevermore Production Films, I led development on this side-scrolling action beat'em-up.  I created all sprite sheets for 6 unique characters and 4 asset-rich levels, and I designed and built all of the levels.  All of the levels and scenarios were based on scenes and sets from the film, incorporating actual on-set imagery and behind-the-scenes photographs provided me by the film's director and producer.

Dojo Storm (2015)

Dojo Storm was a partnership with Artechoke Media that takes the player through an expansive world based on real-life Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It plays as an old-school adventure-RPG wherein the main player-character collects dozens of martial artists and pits them against wild martial artists out in the world's environments, as well as martial artists in rosters controlled by NPC dojo masters.  I created over 50 detailed character portraits, dozens of environment sprite sheets, and adjusted 40 hours' worth of map triggers.  In each of the dozen massive map locations I placed and adjusted hundreds of special and secret items to provide further entertainment and to keep the player exploring the world.